Even the best-made advertising graphics won’t work if it is not properly installed.

Neat, flawless application will ensure your message gets across in the best possible way, while entrusting advertising during events to our professional care will free you to deal with all the other tasks.

Advertising for events

Advertising supply for sports and entertainment events is our speciality.

Each advertisement, poster, flag and banner, even the smallest promotional item passing through our hands will be perfectly prepared. We believe that there is no excuse for low quality - so we can display each creation with 100% confidence.

Our approach combines top professional quality with an individual approach to every client. Each event is different, so we will do everything to make yours stand out in its uniqueness.

With Mikas Design, your event advertising will be in the safest hands.

Application of advertising graphics

We have all the right methods and means to instal advertising graphics on windows and other surfaces quickly and efficiently.

The final results are not only perfectly neat and even, without bumps, wrinkles or air-bubbles, but are also more durable thanks to professional application.

Installing signs and other media

Have you invested in well designed and manufactured signs? Don’t risk spoiling the final effect with shoddy assembly. Entrusting reliable professionals with installation will ensure that your sign attracts only admiring looks from your potential customers.

Whatever your installation task, we are confident in our ability to deal with it.

Why choose Mikas Design?

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