In addition to custom printing and on-vehicle advertising, Mikas Design design, make and install other forms of advertising and signs.

This way we are able to offer you a one-stop advertising solution, ensuring value for money and convenience.

Led display systems

LED light displays work in stores and other service premises, as well as  various types of events. We offer a range of top-quality LED display systems from the simplest to the most advanced, at very competitive prices, so we will be able to recommend solutions suitable for your specific needs, instal it and, if necessary, train you in operating the system.

LED text displays (single or multi colour) -- a great way to quickly and effectively communicate information using scrolling text (the speed of scrolling can be adjusted). Simple, quick to update and flexible, yet highly functional, text LED displays have endless applications:

- welcome messages at the entrance and in reception areas
- opening hours
- pricing info
- scoreboards at sporting venues
- ticker displays for financial info
- directions
- health & safety warnings
- special offers and promotions
- communications to staff members

LED graphic displays -- add oomph to your message using animations, choice of colours and font sizes, as well as graphics and simpler videos.

Full colour LED video walls and electronic billboards -- the ultimate in LED displays, with fully programmable hi-res graphics and 16.7 million colours, these displays are sure to attract attention, indoors and outdoors. From sophisticated graphics to live streaming video offer huge marketing potential.

LED lights display -- everything is clear!LED light displays are a versatile medium, suitable for communication of a diverse range of marketing messages and practical information.

Exhibition stands & display systems

Nothing beats a professionally designed and produced display system for effectively presenting your business, its services, products and values.

Our display systems are ideally suited for conferences, trade fairs or company events, allowing you to communicate any marketing message that is important to you.

We will ensure that the visual solutions -- colours and graphic design -- fit your industry and brand persona, while the large format gives you a lot of possibilities for presenting your message.

Easy to transport and store when not in use, and fast and easy to set up on site, the modular structure of our display systems provides for a versatile range of solutions.

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